Lucifer Market: The Dark Web Marketplace Wield Scams


The darknet marketplace, Lucifer Market is scamming its peers and robbing their cryptocurrencies. Carding and fake money transfers are their favorite modes. The unexpected disappearance of the market’s subdreads has put its users under utter confusion. Are they planning for an exit scam? Well, it seems so until they have made enough scam to support their livelihood. 

It has been heard that they were breaching the laws set by Dread for a long time. They carry out certain illegal activities like child pornography, bestiality, hitman services, trading lethal weapons, explosives and more apart from selling potent drugs capable of taking lives of many.

Initially, the Lucifer Market had launched its marketplace in the name “Alpha Omega”, conducted several scams, devastated many and vanished in thin air. Later, it resurfaced the dark web in the name Omega Market victimizing many all over again. Since the last name “Alpha Omega” is closely related to the next rename “Omega” market, it created doubt amongst people, and they could victimize people in a limited number. 

It is a known fact that running a dark web market on the Tor network yields the market admin and the vendors lumpsum amount. This is probably one of the easiest routes to making money on the darknet. The Omega market had to hit a comeback. They did but with a new name this time. They renamed the market as “Lucifer Market”, that gave a vibe of freshness drawing more people who are ultimately falling prey to its old set trap. The name “Lucifer” could have been adopted from the famous, most talked-about and watched 2016’s Netflix series “Lucifer”. But the market admin preferred to go old-school. The market logo reveals that it has been taken from the Italian Comic series “Lucifer”. That seems creative!

Intentions never change despite a rename. The then Alpha Omega Market adopted a pretty lovely strategy to carry on its illegal activities or robbing people out of their hard-earned cryptos. It seems they have slightly followed the path how Silk Road’s admin Ross Ulbricht had used its username “Dread Pirate Roberts” adopted from the novel “The Princess Bride”. The marketplace sells Fentanyl, carfentanil, biological weapons. 

The alleged Lucifer Market admin was an associate in the Dream Market. Simultaneously, he is running various other scam websites and child pornographic websites on the dark web. It has been learnt that the market admin through different usernames on the darknet traps teenagers, engages in good friendship, asks them to meet in private, offering them money. These teenagers on believing the admin’s sugar-coated words get themselves into gruesome child pornography. He has also asked some teens to send him nudes and threatened them. The admin is also suspected of running human trafficking and organ trafficking smoothly on the tor network. 

While these are heinous activities where most of the dark web vendors are banned from the deep web marketplaces owing to involvement or trades of such materials. Coming up with new names and various fraudulent strategies is what helps Lucifer Market sustain till date.

Below are the credentials and CP links of Lucifer Market:

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