London to Experience the First-Ever Play About the Dark Web


World’s first dark web themed play is to be hosted in the Trafalgar Studios of London. The play will be titled as ‘Silk Road – How to Buy Drugs Online’ and is likely to premier in London in August 2018. The renowned play has been written by Alex Oates that created history in 2014 with its first premier at the Edinburgh Fringe. The  dark web play received a good funding through Bitcoin donation prior to the play from an anonymous sponsor. Silk Road as you know was the first darknet marketplace that has been the pioneer of DNMs.

The plot of the story revolves around Bruce Blakemore who is a 19 year old Geordie tech-enthusiast desiring more for his life. Bruce in his adolescent who lives with his grandmother gets introduced to cocaine by his high school crush. After she lives Blakemore, he is left with despair and adamantly urges to impress her. While going through such condition, Blakemore stumbled on Silk Road that led him to the depths of the internet underworld comprising of pirates and undetected criminals. The main focus of the play is to set the spotlight on “How to purchase drugs online”. The play shows the various ways of buying and dealing with the drugs in the contemporary society.

The show will run from 7th of August to 1st of September at the Trafalgar Studios in London. The resultant is a promising production as there is a concoction of brutality and slickness in the writings of Oates and work of the director Dominic Shaw. The play Silk Road – How to Buy Drugs Online’ is a complete package of emotions that keeps the audience on their toes throughout the show. Most importantly, the show features the dark web and an adolescent in the lead role that creates a curiosity in the mass.


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