NY Man Receives Lesser Sentence for Trafficking Drugs over the Dark Web


Trafficking Drugs: Khaled Azzam, a 29 year old man, a resident of New York was sentenced to four years of imprisonment after he admitted that he is involved in the shipment of drugs that are very similar to fentanyl and bath salts from China to the Syracuse area. According to the evidence of the court files, the agents suspected that Azzam was purchasing and trafficking drugs from the Cinese manufacturers through the people he met on the dark web. As the result of the FIRST STEP Act that was signed by the US President, Donald Trump into law in December, Azzam was able to avoid the longer prison sentence of up to a decade.

Azzam was arrested after the investigators applied a couple of methods such as confidential informants, surveillance and undercover deals. A person was also accused of receiving packages and working along with Azzam. As the investigators tested the drugs, it was found out that Azzam never received Fentanyl and molly that he ordered but received synthetic drugs that were meant to stimulate them. A confidential informant let out the secret that Azzam was a supplier. The same informant underwent an undercover transaction and ordered a kilogram of the fentanyl drugs worth $ 25,000 from the culprit and the informant even received the drugs.

After the undercover assignment, it was found out that Azzam used to send drugs to his home in Liverpool and to the places he worked. The 30 year old informant was also arrested who used to receive $500 each time he received or shipped the packages to Azzam’s said locations.

Azzam was sentenced to an imprisonment ruling for up to 10 years which was later reduced under the FIRST STEP ACT. The main goal of the act was to change the criminal justice system and eash out the punishment of prison sentences.


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