Leaked Emails and Messages from Russian Officials Published by the Darknet Site


Hundreds and thousands of hacked emails, messages, and other Russian documents from the officials have been leaked on a brand new darknet site. The journalists and the transparency advocates led the case found out that the group that published the collection of the hacked emails goes by the name Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDOS). The people behind the published collection stated that they focus on building what the WikiLeaks was supposed to be, a place holding the exposing corruption and promoting transparency all before its credibility was called for questioning in the recent years.

The DDOS was launched as a volunteer effort in the November. The website is quite similar to any academic library for the leak scholars containing documents such as the files North Korea stole from Sony and as well as the Special State protection Service of Azerbaijan. It is hosted on the dark web owing to protect users’ privacy. There are less that 20 members in DDOS and all of them live in different countries while most of them wants to maintain their anonymity.

The collection of the documents was termed as Kremlin included information from oligarchs, politicians, to nationalists, journalists and even the terrorists and as well as hundreds of emails, social media conversations such as Skype and Facebook and various other files. The collective even included stolen materials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia that WikiLeaks did not publish in their releases. Information related well known individuals like Alezander Budberg (columnist), Kirill Frolov (Vice Director of Institute for CIS Countries), Vladislav Surkov (businessman) and Vladimir Putin (advisor to the president). The collection contains the details about the arms deals, business deals and the reports about a fake story that involves one of the Malaysian Airlines passenger plane. This is indeed a very dangerous trend as secret documents are founds on the Darknet portals.


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