The Darknet is full of various sorts of marketplaces that sell both legal and mostly illegal products and a bunch of services most of which is identified as illegitimate. One of the most renowned marketplaces since Evolution, available on the darknet is the L33TER that has opened its shop under the same name, “L33TER”. The darknet marketplace deals with all sorts of various digital and physical goods with the maximum number of the digital goods that varies from hacks and guides to the readymade botnets and premium accounts belonging to a number of various websites. The speciality of the L33TER darknet marketplace is that it is a vendor marketplace that offers quite a handful of the listings to choose from. Another best part of the darknet market is that they provide confirmations that the products sold in the darknet marketplace are of legitimate quality.

Another thing that the users would need to know about the darknet marketplace is every user who wants to access the L33TER darknet marketplace has to login by creating their respective accounts before they can actually access and explore the whole marketplace. Like the most of the other darknet marketplaces, L33TER accepts Bitcoin as their primary mode of payment for all of the products. The website also uses automatic dispatch system for all of the digital goods and aids in much shorter delivery time. The darknet marketplace bears categories like drugs and medications but unfortunately there are no listings available. Total listings available in the L33TER darknet marketplace are 633. The vendor shop also possesses customer ticket system which is pretty unusual as compared to some of the other darknet marketplaces. Some of the reviews that are found all over the internet regarding the L33TER darknet marketplaces states positive outlook of the marketplace.


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