Two Kiwi Nationals Faces Jail Time in Australian Court and Face Immediate Deportation


Two New Zealand nationals have been involved in Dark Web related crime. Their crime was their involvement in a multi-million dollar drug ring veiled by the Dark Web, digital currency and the use of children toys to transport banned substances Class A. The men will be produced in an Australian court for their alleged role in the activity later this month. Former Taranaki man Steen Mcbeth, and Jackson Li, both 28 years old pleaded guilty to a raft of charges. The charges they faced were huge and according to the Australian media both the men will be deported back to their home country after they serve jail time in Australia. The charges that are leveled against them include, transporting banned substances and selling and redistributing these stuffs. Both of them were due to be sentenced before Christmas but that date has now been postponed to January 29.

McBeth moved to Australia at quite an early age and is the son of mail entrepreneurs Denise and Murray McBeth. His parents brought Pete’s post in 2006 and expanded the business and made into a franchise network. On the other hand his partner Li, a school buddy moved to Australia at the age of 9. None of the two actually acquired Australian Citizenship. Both of them were arrested in Melbourne in 2017 by the Australian Federal Police. According to the AFP they uncovered the huge multi-million dollar importation operation which was paid in Bitcoin, which is the most popular Cryptocurrency in the world. Most of the trade that happens on the Darknet use Bitcoin as the primary payment method.

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One of the major news agency reported that the Australian Federal Police have intercepted more than 123 international packages and the Australian Post a further 14, all of which contained banned substances which was linked to the operation. The packages that were intercepted by the law enforcement contained in them 1.8 kilograms of cocaine, 5.4 kilograms of MDA and 886 grams of Ketamine. These packages were destined for number of destination across different Australia areas which were registered in various names. During the police investigation the entire plot came to light. According to the statements made by the AFP, LI had rented a property in the Melbourne suburb. The property was used to store and package drugs which were then transported. Both of them were often spotted to leave the residence carrying black duffle bags.

In August McBeth was spotted in different stores buying trolleys, pillows and cushions which police said that , was used as an undercover, so that the drugs could be transported without arising any suspicion. When the law enforcement agency raided the residence, they found that various items which included a black 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo, cash counting machine and more than $159,000 in cash. The police officers also found a printed label marked “Maurice Blackburn lawyers”.

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The drugs that were seized by the law enforcement agency were many varieties of drugs, which included methamphetamine, cocaine, MDMA, heroine and Ketamine. The total weight of drugs that were seized in the raid was 30.93 kilograms. The drugs were brought from the various dark net markets which is available on the Dark web. Dark and the Deep web are the hidden part of the internet that is not indexed by the search engine. To access the websites that sell these products, special software needs to be installed along with a premium version of a VPN. These websites helps both the buyers and sellers to remain anonymous   and untraceable, Crown prosecutor in the case Andrew Buckland told the court.

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