Police Unearths Bitcoin Scams Worth Millions


The police have unearthed a bitcoin scam worth millions of dollars according to the sources, which has its roots in Kerala a southern state of India known for the natural beauty and wildlife. The kingpin of the scam was beaten to death by five of his accomplices in Dehradun which is an eastern state in India as stated by the senior law enforcement officer.  The kingpin and the mastermind behind the bitcoin scam named Abdul Shakoor body were found in the emergency ward of the private hospital in Dehradun. As suspected by the police the associates of the scam mastermind committed the heinous crime and left the body at the hospital late Thursday night before fleeing. The name of associates according to police sources are Ashiqui, Arshad, Yasin, Rehaab and Muneef.

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According to police sources, the kingpin had collected a vast amount of money from the residents of nearby districts which then he used for running a cryptocurrency business which he had planned. The business started to suffer to incur losses and the alleged kingpin of the bitcoin scam ran to Dehradun escaped and fled. The associates chased him down as the money he had gathered was through his associates as the investor started to ask for their invested money. When his associates confronted the alleged kingpin of the bitcoin scam about the money, the mastermind told them that his accounted has been hacked and all the money collected has been stolen and can’t be recovered. Suspecting of the foul play and convinced that he had the money in his account the associates hatched a plan to retrieve the account password from Shakoor. As Shakoor refused to surrender they started torturing him as the accomplices were confirmed of him having all the scam money in his account which he had collected.

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Source: NDTV

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