Kim Dotcom: A Brief History of the Internet’s Architect of Revolution


Kim Dotcom, originally known as Kim Schmitz, is a self proclaimed digital enigma who has founded the Megaupload. His personal website provides the look and feel of the 2003 promotional action movie. In his website, before the more serious content is unveiled there are some uncomfortable music videos showcasing Kim Dotcom’s large collection “boys’ toys” in dance ballad tributes to his family. Kim Dotcom has passed through some of the awkward years as he was determined as the young hacker to become the biggest pirate the world has ever seen. He has been accused as liable to the U.S. entertainment industry for the loss of approximately 500 million dollars in earnings. However, Kim Dotcom showed enough prowesses for the innovation steaming forward the world changing technology. He even launched a political party in the New Zealand (NZ) along with a micro payment service using the Cryptocurrency. Moreover, he even became enmeshed in the suspicious murder case of the democratic national committee (DNS) staffer named Seth Rich. Lately, Kim Dotcom has asked Edward Snowden and Julian Assange to assist him in creating a new social network that is far better  from  other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Kim Dotcom is all set to see an online world of distribution that is fair and the important thing is it needs to be fast. Without a doubt, he is a larger than the life mastermind of the digital world. As a matter of fact, he arguably has shaped consume and streaming of media in the contemporary time zone. Megaupload has served as the first incarnation of Netflix and the other online streaming services. Thus, Kim Dotcom is genuine in his message of an open and free internet. But people really need to find out if the next social network is truly free.


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