JS Sniffers Unveils New Families of Credit Card Skimming Code


With time, the world is going all digital which have given scope to the Magecart attacks to have emerged as the main cybersecurity threats to the e-commerce websites. Magecart has been under a lot of conversations wbhich is an umbrella term that has been given to the 112 different cybercriminal groups that have specialized in implanting a special piece of code on the compromised e-commerce sites secretly having an intention to steal credit card details of their customers. The malicious code known as the JS-Sniffers or the JavaScript Sniffers  and as well as the online credit card skimmers has been so designed so that it can intercept the users’ input on the compromised websites to steal the customer’s details like the bank card numbers, addresses, names, login details and passwords in real time.

The series of success from these attacks are indications that there will be lot more in the near future. The security firm group named IB has published a report that stated nearly 38 different JS-Sniffer families the researchers have documented after analyzing 2440 infected e-commerce websites. All of the JS-Sniffer families have been categorize in two parts where the first one is the universal code that can be integrated into any website like the G-Analytics and the WebRank families of JS-Sniffers. The second type of the JS-Sniffers include MagentoName, PreMage, Qoogle, FakeCDN, PostEval and GetBilling families taht have primarily been designed to work with the specific Content Management Systems like Magento, Woo-Commerce, Shopify, WordPress and OpenCart. The report also brings into limelight the growing trend in the underground forums of renting out JS-Sniffers as a service to the cybercriminals who do not have the technical expertise to do it on their own and makes it a great alternative money-making scheme to ransomware and the Cryptocurrency mining malware.



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