Wall St. Market Account: Joanna De Alba Indicted


Another United States Citizen is under arrest under the charges of selling drugs and other banned substances from the Dark Web. The name of the victim is Joanna De Alba. She will be tried in the Brooklyn court house. The drugs that she was intending to distribute and had allegedly brought from the Dark Web were heroin and methamphetamine. She was arrested and detained by the law enforcement on October 24th, 2019. The arrest was made at the US-Mexico border while she was trying to enter the United States. The case will be presided before the United States magistrate Judge Steven L. Tiscione.

The charges that were leveled against her were announced by Richard P. Domnoghue, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York and Ray Donovon, Special Agent-in-Charge, Drug Enforcement Administration, New York Division (DEA). De Alba distributed heroin and methamphetamine to her customers with the help of Dark Web. Dark Web is a underground part of the internet that can only be accessed by a special software which provides anonymity and privacy to its users by hiding the location. She thought she was safe behind the computer but the law enforcement agency especially the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) did excellent work in the background to reveal the activities that she was doing.

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Anonymity acts as a unique selling point for the criminals and other bad actors who, rely on the dark web for concealing or hiding their dirty and often notorious activity. But there is always a saying that crime never pays and bad activity, however carefully planned and crafted, will never go unnoticed. Same was the case for Joanna De Alba. She too thought that the Dark Web will give anonymity too her as well as her customer. Law Enforcement Agency in principles is ready to track and hunt down any criminal activity. It is in their motto and is also enshrined the principle.

The dark web is the place where everything is available starting from the availability of Drugs to secret documents and even weapons for killing purposes. All the goods and services are readily and openly available on various marketplaces which are also known as Darknet market. There are numerous types of markets that keep propping up with their products and services. It was from one of these markets that Joanna De Alba purchased these drugs and intended to sell it to her customers. These types of markets are only available if there is special software installed on the devices called the Tor browser. The advantage that criminals get from using the platform is that, names and identities and other details are not revealed by the administrators of these market place. The users who purchase and make purchases on these platforms use the bitcoin as the primary form of payment as it also hides the parties that are involved in the transaction.

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Cryptocurrency is the most favored type of currency that is used by the users that are frequent on the darkweb websites including the darknet marketplace. De Alba allegedly sold narcotics from her Wall Street market account from June 2018 till May 2019. She also advertised for her customers through her account which she named as “Rapture Reloaded”. According to her account, interested customers were directed to pay in her Bitcoin first and then contact for the purchase. It was not the normal email she used, for receiving order from her clients but an encrypted email service. She also offered her customers free shipping across the United States and a variety of delivery options.  The delivery option that she offered to customers ranged from Basic Stealth to Super Stealth.

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