Dark Web IRA Bomb Plotter Sentenced to 5 Years of Imprisonment


The latest news reports of the cases that have been connected to the trading of the illicit goods procured from the dark web have seen a steep now-a-days. One of the most recent convicts, named Irishman Jonathan Hawthorn was accused of having close links to the unlawful Irish Republican Army (IRA) and has attempted to collect a grenade and Semtex (a plastic made explosive) on the dark web. The case states that a transaction process has been carried out that is pretty complex and very impersonate. The prosecution could put together the evidence that has been linking Jonathan (IRA Bomb) who is a resident of Dublin to the transaction of the illegal weapons.

To support the evidence made available in the IRA bomb case, the undercover agents and the prosecution had to analyze a wide network of the operatives, most of whom remained unknown till the case was concluded. During this time, an individual having the id named “Meat Cleaver” contacted the FBI agent and ordered a handgun, Semtex, a hand grenade and hundred rounds of ammunition but was unknown of the fact that the touch point were the law enforcement agency. It is believed that the buyer isn’t Jonathan. The Gardai had organized a dummy delivery to Jonathan who was a trusted member of IRA. On the delivery of the goods, Jonathan signed under the name of Mr. Geraghty. The transaction model is based on the principles of anonymity which becomes a reason causing difficulty to convict the accused undergoing illegal activities in the dark web.

Jonathan was not alone but was supported by James Geraghty and Donal O’Ceallaigh. Both the co-supporters of Jonathan were not found guilty due to lack of evidence and had walked out free from the court. On the other hand, Jonathan was sentenced to five years of imprisonment.


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