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According to a recent report released by a UK firm Case24, iPhone is the most targeted smartphone by hackers. The firm based its findings on the Google search data in the UK and the US, citing that hackers have made the smartphone their primary target and constantly searching for possible ways to hack it.

Over the years, Apple products have stood tall among other brands in terms of security. However, the iPhone hackers took advantage of the weakness of WhatsApp app to infect some iPhones with malware through a simple WhatsApp call. This changed the perception of the security status of iPhone, giving hackers hope to search for other possible ways to hack the smartphone. 

The iPhone Hackers

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After compiling and analyzing the Google search data of the UK, Case24 established that about 10,040 users engaged in separate searches on how to hack iPhone. This is by far the highest recorded searches on how to hack any smartphone brand in the UK. According to Case24, the second most targeted phone brand is Samsung with a total of 700 searches on how to hack its system. Other phone brands like Huawei, Nokia and Sony came on the list of the most searched smartphones on hacking.

Most of the iPhone hackers have a primary goal of accessing a device, obtaining sensitive information, monitoring communications and even controlling the device. This can do a lot of harm to the victim with the most common threat being identity theft. The obtained information can be sold on the dark web cheaply and the hard earned reputation of the victim would be jeopardized in no time when other criminals get access to these information. Other criminals can also blackmail victims with any sensitive video or communication to distort funds

The report also recorded a significant number of searches of the same keywords in the US. It was reported that searches on how to hack an iPhone was made 48,010 times. The next most searched smartphone brand was Samsung with a total search of 31000. To argue that iPhone is not prone to an attack is an error. In fact, the iOS is updated in a bid to increase its security status and its possibility of standing a higher chance against the iPhone hackers.

Just as cybersecurity tools are mostly updated to improve security, so does cybercriminals update their software to overcome the updated security. iPhone users with the updated iOS has a lower risk of having their information uploaded on dark web than users with iOS.

Attack on iphone and How to Protect yourself from the Iphone Hackers

Not long ago, Google researchers discovered that the iPhone hackers have devised a set of techniques to take advantage of the security flaws of iPhone to attack users. The Google’s Counter Espionage Team discovered a hacked website modified to deliver malware to visitors. The malware was capable of stealing iPhone’s complete contact database according to the report. Not just that, it was capable of stealing encrypted messages, chat histories, passwords and location data. The malware was designed to expose data from WhatsApp, Gmail, Telegram and iMessage.

The Google researchers analyzed five exploit chain that makes it possible for hackers to launch an attack on multiple iPhone updates. They reported that their discovery reveals a hacking group that has made a continuous effort to attack iPhone users in a particular community over a course of two years. Though iPhone has patched the vulnerabilities and cleared the malware from the devices of existing users, the modified website intended to distribute malware was not mentioned.

These report is a strong indication that no smartphone is not safe from hacking. Regardless of the vulnerability report, iPhone still stand as one of the most secured smartphone brands compared to others, and though the iphone hackers may have designed plans to hack them, the success or failure of the attack depends on the users.

The iPhone Hackers

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In order to protect your iPhone from the reach of hackers, make sure you have updated your phone to the most recent iOS. This is necessary because hackers find ways to uncover vulnerabilities in the iPhone coding to give then access to your data. The only way iPhone combat this is by patching any security hole through their updates of the iOS.

Another way to protect your personal information from the iPhone hackers is to activate the “Find Your iPhone”. When your phone gets into the hands of criminals, you can locate it by logging into “Find Your Phone” with any iPhone device. You can also be able to delete all your personal data from the stolen phone through this method.

When your data get uploaded on the dark web, it becomes near impossible to escape from the disadvantages that come with it. It is always advisable to take the necessary action to protect your device as no device is free from attack.


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