Iowa Resident Sentenced to 10 Years of Imprisonment Accused for Darknet Drug Purchases


A man, who is a resident of Iowa, Vinton has been arrested and charged of dark web drug purchases and sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment. The major part of the dealings of the accused included methamphetamine distribution. The convicted, named William Kirk Vanatti has purchased (darknet drug purchases) other types of drugs that include marijuana and MDMA as well. Illegal arms and homemade explosives were found in his possession which were also purchased from the shadow web. The accused is a 36 year old resident who have found to have used the dark web to operate for the drug business without leaving behind traces of his identity, although the physical delivery of the drugs was being done through the standard courier service. The address of the sender was fake. The drug dealers use this tactics to maintain their anonymity and write fake address in the Sender column and the Recipients consists of a post office box number that is exchanged at the time of the deal. The recipients are aware of this and thus they visit their post office to collect the parcel. This makes it difficult to understand who has sent the parcel and who has received it.

Once the law enforcement finds a leak in the process, they will surely monitor the packets. It takes a lot of effort and gathering of the information in order to get to the recipient,sender and darknet drug purchases materials. The most interesting fact is that there is someone in the ecosystem of the drug dealers or other person who provides the information. In most of the cases, it could be the postal or courier service staffs who would lodge a complaint. In other cases, it would be just an anonymous report on the illicit drug trafficking. Now-a-days, the federal agents have also started to disguise themselves as the postal workers in a bid to intercept the packages firsthand.


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