How IoT, Big Data And AI Help Semiconductor Technology


Artificial Intelligence or AI sometimes popularly known has left no spot untouched when it comes to revolutionizing industry and creating a disruption in the long term. Artificial Intelligence has certainly left a huge mark on every industry. The industry that has most benefitted from the rise in the development of this new technology is the semi conductor industry.

According to the reports published by Accenture which conducted a study on the effects artificial intelligence will have on the semi conductor industry, the report revealed that the industry will change dramatically and drastically. Artificial intelligence is at the heart of creating disruption and it is not only the semi conductor technology that will be benefit the most but also other industry that will reap the benefits. One of the companies that are using this technology to the fullest effect is Applied Materials. The company is employing AI along with other technologies for better growth prospects. The company is an American multinational corporation that deals with the IoT, AI and Big Data.

As these Industries take significant leaps in terms of development the American company is expected to earn more profit. The company plans to expand and has also made an offer to Kokusai Electric for expected acquisition. The company also plans to rapidly increase the latter’s market share by 20 percent which is under the semi conductor business. The present growth rate for the company is at 2 basis point below which is currently 18% percent. In the latest financial reports 2019 the company balance sheet depicted that the company has been growing at a healthy pace and also remains profitable. The company management also told that the most of the company revenue is being plugged into Research and Development. The company says it is funding and preparing for the next generations products.

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Applied Materials remain focused on the working closely with key customers and making sure that it helps customers and key stake holders reach new levels. The company is trying to develop a future technology roadmap through its strength in the field research and development. The president and CEO of the Applied Materials Gary E Dickerson said that these times are the times of change and there are major changes and newer technologies that are coming and landscape.

The new technology that are the growth drivers in the coming days are IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The company expects hundreds of billions of edge devices to be installed and deployed. The company thinks there will be an explosion of data. Artificial intelligence will also certainly change the way the way computing and data is approached. According to Dickerson the artificial intelligence and big data have the potential of changing every industry and also the economy. These inflections will have a profound impact on the semi conductor technology industry. As we move from the traditional computing to demand specific approaches new types of semi conductors are needed to fulfill the demand of the modern day data centers.

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Artificial Intelligence adoption rate depends upon many factors. The one factor is quick realization of the improvements in the semiconductor technology that will affect the developments in the semi conductor field that will be powered by Artificial Intelligence. The other factor that contributes to the rapid development is power performance area and cost of the foundational semiconductor technology. The PPAC roadmap is the future for developing a modern semi conductor technology and for that to happen a new playbook for semiconductor design and manufacturing is needed.

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