IOS 13 Bug: Third Party Keyboard Gain Full Access


Following the release of iOS 13 and iPadOS earlier this week, Apple has issued an advisory warning iPhone and iPad users of an unpatched security bug impacting third-party keyboard apps. On iOS 13, third party keyboard can run on its operating system without any aid from external services. Though this feature can be changed based on the user preference, e.g.- if the user wants the chat backup then only the operating system will grant access and give access to backups for chats. Apple in a brief security advisory said that the case is always not followed and there is some unpatched issue in iOS 13 and iPadOS could grant authorization to third party keyboard.

The brief security press release also stated that iOS13 bug always does not spell trouble for Apple’s built-in keyboard. The bug affects Gboard, Grammarly and Swiftkey which are installed in user’s iOS 13 or iPads.  Though having full access allows the application developers to capture all data and keystroke a user is entering in their respective handset, it has to be kept in mind that no such genuine third party application will abuse this feature.

Following the release of iOS 13 and iPadOS earlier this week, Apple has issued an advisory warning iPhone and iPad users

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For user satisfaction, if a user wants to check the security status they can themselves go to their respective iOS 13 mobile handsets settings. Then the user can proceed to general options which will appear after the user goes to the setting options and then go to Keyboard and finally to Keyboards. To simply the steps can be depicted as follows:

Settings-General- Keyboard- Keyboards.

Apple assured its users that the company is already working on a fix to address this issue, which it plans to release in its upcoming software update. Until Apple comes up with a fix, you can mitigate this issue by temporarily uninstalling all third-party keyboards from your device just to be on the safer side.

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