Interpol General Assembly in Dubai Enjoyed Discussion of the Officials on Darknet Crime


Darknet Crime: The information and communication technologies have highly affected the recent day digital age presenting a vast upshots. The rapid evolution of the information systems has forced the platforms and the technology institutions to try and adapt to modern ecosystems. Fascinatingly, all of the cybercriminals uses such the technologies to conduct their activities.

Dark web have grown a lot in the recent years and has successively paved way for the drug trafficking channel creation that have never been there. This has led the way to the law enforcement agencies that has stepped in the field of the dark web to restore law and order within the online sphere and also to curb the darknet crime. This has created an urge to upgrade the knowledge bases and remake the interventions giving it a whole new look. Thus, the Interpol has conducted its 87th General Assembly to bring all the experts under one roof from the different parts of the world that included 85 police heads and 40 government ministers in Dubai, UAE.

The Interpol focussed on this event as they have aimed to bring together 192 member countries of the Interpol to join efforts in tackling the all sorts of international crimes. The discussions targeted on the issues relating to policing the darknet crimes and inclusion of the smart data practices in assurance of the secure borders.

The participants of the Interpol events have claimed that the dark web is the place of the darknet channels that fuels international terrorism. It was found that the darknet platforms have even after strong law enforcement continues to offer plenty of environments for the terrorist groups to flourish. But this aspect was blamed as the fact states that the dark web ecosystem ensures anonymity of the group of users operating criminal businesses.


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