The Tie-up of In-Game Gold and Bitcoin Flourishes


Most of the people across the world understands that trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash (BTC) for dollars, euros, yen and several other fiat currencies all over the world is the only thing the Cryptocurrency is concerned of. Nevertheless, they may not realize that the Cryptocurrencies could aid in the purchase and sale of the virtual items like the InGame gold from the popular role playing games (RPGs) such as Runescape, World of Warcraft and Guild Wars. All of these are happening since the year 2012. The Global trade captures over $50 billion a year according to the recent estimates. Selling the virtual items and gold farming is the act of playing a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) for a long time especially in hours in a bid to gather the in-game currency or items.

The gold farming and the cryptocurrencies have been competiting with each other to be in the headlines constantly in the recent months as some Venezuelans have been selling the InGame Gold currencies for the cryptocurrencies in order to survive. Lately, the price of Runescape Dragon Bones have plummeted when the Venezuelans lost electricity but at the same time saw a 10 percent hike on 12th of March. On 10th of June 2018, a Venezuelan carrying on AMA on Reddit has explained that it is an ordinary occurrence for the people to sell the in-game currencies for cryptocurrencies. In October 2018, Amazon had given away a discounted Runescape signup and over two thirds of the registrants belonged from Venezuela. A 29 year old man revealed to Bloomberg that he has played the game to support his wife and child. There are a lot of marketplaces online that buy and sale the Runescape gold such as RS3, OSRS, WOW gold and lot more. Crypto are a real desl as it supports a lot of things besides for trade purposes.


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