US to Deport Two London Men Connected with Infraud Hacking Group


The law enforcement officials in the U.S. wants two men facing charges in London to be deported following their roles in running the infraud hacking group network. The accused have been identified as Taimoor Zaman and Anthony Nnamdi Okeakpu who were a part of a group consisting of 36 members working behind the darknet forum responsible for the loss of hundreds of millions of Euros. As per the documents of the court, Anthony and Taimoor were the senior members of the infraud hacking group. But when they were presented before the Magistrates’ Court of Westminister were not pleaded guilty to their charges put against them. One of the U.S. government lawyer present at the court stated that Taimoor was operating under the pseudonym “Scottish” in discharging his duties as an administrator and moderator of the forum. Furthermore, it has been revealed that had advertised the credit card details on the site and has posted more than 250 times. The other accused, Anthony operated under the alias “Moneymafia” on the in-fraud site.

The in-fraud group was successful in draining good amount of the bank accounts of the individuals located in various parts of the world and especially in U.S. through identity theft, stealing of the financial information and carding. They were true to their motto “In Fraud We Trust” and managed to implement it by undertaking the highest levels of fraud that has been witnessed in the past couple of years. The site was brought down earlier following a joint collaboration by the international authorities. The In-fraud group had members from the different nationalities and they worked hand in hand to ensure that they skilfully undertake various types of operations. The authorities have been looking for a 31 year old Sergey Medvev who is a Russian and as well as a key operator of this website before the website was shut down finally.


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