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Feds Dismantled InfinityBlack Hacking Group

The Polish and Swiss law enforcement agencies have dismantled a hacking group, InfinityBlack. Both agencies have been supported by Europol and Eurojust. From the reports, it has been revealed that the hacking group was involved in the distribution of stolen user credentials, creation, and distribution of malware and hacking tools and fraud.

On the 29th of April 2020, the Polish National Police (Policja) had searched for six locations in five Polish regions. Five individuals of the InfinityBlack hackers group have been arrested as they believed were a part of it. Police have seized electronic equipment, hardware cryptocurrency wallets, and external hard drives. All of these are worth around €100,000. The feds have closed down two platforms with databases containing over 170 million entries. Of which one is believed to be DataSence[.]PW.

InfinityBlack Hackers Targeted Loyalty Point Scheme For High-End Electronics

The hackers group InfinityBlack had created the online platform to sell the login credentials of the users. The platform was named ‘combos’. The group had been efficiently organized into three defined teams. The developers have created the tools to test the quality of the stolen databases. The testers have also analyzed the authorization data suitability. Following this, the project managers distributed the subscriptions against the cryptocurrency payments.

Image: Bleeping Computer

As found out the main source of revenue was generated by the stolen loyalty scheme login credentials and selling them to the other criminal gangs. The criminal gangs that bought these loyalty schemes login credentials were less technical. Then they would exchange the loyalty points for expensive electronic devices.

The hackers of the hacking group had created a sophisticated script to gain access to a whopping number of Swiss customer accounts. The losses are estimated at around €50,000. The hackers had access to the accounts having potential losses of over €610,000. It has been reported that the fraudsters and hackers were both minors and young adults. Also, they were unmasked when using the stolen data in Swiss shops.

It was possible to dismantle the hackers group through a good number of investigation measures done by the specialists. The specialists were from the organizations the Cyber Investigation Division (DEC) of the Vaud Cantonal Police. In the Cantonment of Vaud of Switzerland, 5 arrests were made between 30th April and 2nd May 2019.

How The Dismantle Was Executed

Once it was found that the criminal gang was cashing out the loyalty points identified in Switzerland. The police had exchanged criminal intelligence and unearthed the links to the members of a separate Polish hacking group. The arrest of the hackers was possible through data transmission on the searched computers. This transmission was done between the Swiss and Polish authorities.

Image: zdnet

Europol has enabled close cooperation between the Polish and Swiss cyber units. The cooperation was done through a cyber liaison officer (J-CAT) dedicated network hosted at Europol’s headquarters. Europol has also supported the dismantle operation facilitating information exchange and techno-analytical support providing. Eurojust too facilitated the information transmission between Public Prosecutor’s offices in Poland and Switzerland. The hacker group leader Azatej was also supposedly arrested. Reports also state that there were also members in the group with nicknames Macien, TheN3RoX, and Kay. It is not confirmed whether they are arrested.

Source: Europol

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