Identity Theft and Data Breach at CaféPress


The internet is so vast a place and information commonly is being accessed by fraudster and hackers. These hackers and scammers often wait for the opportunity to arise and find for the right time and then pounce on the target. Everybody on the internet be it individual or organizations leave a mark that is commonly is known as the digital footprints. These digital footprints can be tracked by hackers and scammers who try and phish data that is often confidential and top secret. The data and information that is talked in the article is the data about the deals the organizations is closing or the name of the employees or their official emails, their salary details, account information and host of other things. Recently there was the massive data a breach at CaféPress, an online retailer that buys and sells personalized items like coffee mugs and T-shirts, in fact, any material that the user likes to exchange.

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As in the case of a major organization, CaféPress takes users data and other related information for registration purposes which leaves a digital footprint of the sort. The management of CaféPress announced this news by emailing all the customers they had in their database telling them to change the login credential as their security has been comprised. An unknown assailant has gotten into their secure database and has stolen all the data that contained details of the clients.  In a press release to the media, the CaféPress spokesman expressed regret and told customers to stay vigilant and take steps to guard their identity and contain themselves from fraud. The CaféPress spokesman also provided a list of details where users and customers can check their credit score and set up a fraud alert.

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Source: Fast Company

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