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Hydra To Raise 146 Million Dollars Via The ICOs

Russia’s largest dark web marketplace, Hydra, is looking to raise $146 million, in an alleged bid to expand its platform, database and global services offered on the site. An investment memorandum released on the site stated that the tokens sale which is scheduled to take place on December 16, will be an effort to raise $146 million in bitcoin and can only be accessed through the Tor browser.

Hydra, according to reports, will have 1,470,000 tokens on sale, with each selling at $100 worth of Bitcoin. Hydra is also promising to give away 49% of the supply to the public, stating that, buyers will be offered a 0.00333333% share of the profits, which are supposedly worth $500 per month which will be paid in Bitcoin.


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“It is the dawn of a new era in the West. The scale of this expansion is almost impossible to imagine,” the memorandum read. Hydra, however, did not indicate the blockchain on which its platform was planning on issuing its tokens.

The team behind Hydra has revealed that the dark web marketplace, is preparing to launch a new worldwide anonymous service (another dark web marketplace) dubbed Eternos which is going to be the combination of an over the counter dark web site, an online cryptocurrency exchange, encrypted messaging platform, AI-based dispute resolution, and a Tor-like browser.

The memorandum on this projected new dark web marketplace (Eternos) stated no KYC, everything will be anonymous and on the highest level. We’re no TON. Hydra dark web marketplace is known for providing a vast range of illicit goods as well as illegal services, including stolen data, hacking services, sales of controlled substances and counterfeit money. Hydra claims to have over 3 million active users and sees over 100,000 transactions daily.

Many people in Russia have since rubbished the claims of Hydra creating a new dark web platform with a lot of people tagging the website as a scam. One Russia media outlet labeled the whole operation as a potential scam exit and added that messages from the administrators of Hydra “do not contain a single word of truth.”


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An investigative report on the Hydra marketplace by another news outlet revealed that the dark web marketplace pulls in revenue which outpaces that of oil and gas sales in Russia, making billions of rubles in proceeds every few months. The reports also pointed out the fact that none of Russia’s newspapers are writing about the dark web marketplace because of the ‘brutal war’ it started in Russia with its illegal online drug trade.

Russian law enforcement, together with another law enforcement globally has tagged the dark web marketplace as a multi-billion-dollar site. Russian police caught up with the operations of Hydra in January 2019, after they seized several containers with over a hundred tons of bananas. A search executed on the containers, uncovered contained 50-kilogram briquettes of cocaine in each container, totaling an amount of 500 million rubles. An additional investigation later revealed that the drugs were shipments meant for Hydra operations.

400 kilograms of cocaine was seized in June 2019, at the St. Petersburg seaport by investigators. The drugs were once again hidden in containers with tons of bananas.

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