Hurtcore: Man Receives 15 Years Imprisonment Seeking Child Rape Photos


A man had posted an online picture of a male child being raped on a dark web hurtcore site and asked the viewers to send more pictures. In this child pornography case, the indicted man has been sentenced to mandatory 15 years behind bars followed by five years on the supervised release. He has also been fined $1000. This case also involves multiple victims. 

The accused was identified as Robert Charles-Douglas Hodge, one of the visitors of a dark web hurtcore forum called “Hurt Meh”. It was not surprising to find out that the same picture had over 250 views.

Hurt Meh is a darknet forum focused on child pornography (CP) and explicitly dedicated to ‘hurtcore’ materials. These materials can be defined as bondage, dead bodies, fighting, gore, mutilation, pain, rape, spanking and wrestling. This information has been revealed in the federal court records. 

“He identified the exact child he wanted to be depicted in the child pornography he sought,’’ a federal prosecutor wrote in a sentencing memorandum.

The federal case sheds some light on the online world of child pornography that is tremendously disturbing. The case also shows how the paedophiles exploit the dark web for soliciting and trading child abuse and child pornographic hurtcore images. The investigators say that the accused had multiple videos and pictures of child pornography. From his collection, numerous known victims had been identified. 

“Mr. Hodge is sick about what he has done,’’ defense attorney Anna R. Rapa wrote in a sentencing memorandum. “He clearly understands how he broke trust . . . and how he harmed the community.’’

The accused had pleaded guilty back in September 2018 in the solicitation of the child pornographic activity. Three other charges levied on the accused had been dismissed in exchange for his plea. These charges included an attempt to coercion and enticing to post an online advertisement searching for someone to rape a child aged ten years.

The accused had no prior criminal record and was a resident of Stanton when the offences took place. He had written a letter to the court that read:

“I acted with complete disregard for the interest of others and am ashamed for my repugnant behavior’’.

Rapa had written in a sentencing memorandum that the accused was under the influence of the illegal substances and was planning to end his life. 

“Along the way toward that goal, he did other terrible things that both humiliated himself and put himself and others in danger,’’ Rapa wrote.

“He also sees that, rather than reaching his ultimate goal of death, he is going to be living a death-like life for the foreseeable future in prison.’’

Source: 13 On Your Side

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