Crypto Widget: How To Install On Your Websites


Many businesses, especially the start-ups can get tangible benefits by the introduction of the Cryptocurrency features into their online platforms. Integrating the Cryptocurrency payment options (Crypto Widget) and offering the market information regarding the digitals coins bears the potential to attract the customers from a community that is fast favouring and also inexpensive electronic payments. The flexibility and the simplicity of the WordPress has proved to be the most preferred platform for the budding companies who are in search for building their own websites. Although, one needs to install a plug-in that supports the Cryptocurrency payments (Crypto Widget) those who are relying on the crypto income.

Taking in consideration of this situation, there are a lot of options available of which one is “My Crypto Checkout”. The plug-in is so made that it permits the online stores to receive the direct payments in over 30 Cryptocurrencies in peer-to peer transactions having a zero percentage fee. MCC processes up to 3 sales per month under a free licence but the paid subscription comes with unlimited transactions for $59 per year. Once it gets downloaded from the Plugins page in the WordPress dashboard and also gets activated at the same time, one or more of the cryptos needs to be set up in the Currencies tab. The software supports WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads making the payment gateway settings for the preferred platform is required to be adjusted as well.

There are several other websites that would attempt to keep their users informed about the crypto prices. In that case, the Cryptocurrency Price Widget would come in very handy as it comes in real-time price updates for over 3,600 coins and 160 fiat currencies. The users need to select the plug-in from the Plugins page choosing ‘Add New’. After that one can tune with the latest happenings in the crypto currency world.


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