How Can One Influence Crypto Regulation in India?


The banking ban that has been imposed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have brought about a huge chaos and inconvenience to the people and thus the Indian crypto community is pushing up its efforts to bring about some positivity in the crypto regulation. The crypto enthusiasts in India can join in to the efforts using several methods.

The first and the foremost step any crypto enthusiast can take up are to file Right to Information (RTI) Requests. The Supreme Court of India listens about the crypto regulation from the government. Thus the Indian crypto community has sped up the efforts to influence the crypto regulation in a positive way and finally aim to lift the banking ban that has been imposed by the central bank of the country. As per Nischal Shetty, the CEO of the local crypto exchange Wazirx stated that one can or should ask the correct questions to the RBI through the RTI.

The second step that any crypto enthusiast can take up is to engage in the Social Media Campaigns. Shetty frequently posts tweets on the ministers. All the crypto enthusiasts should actively take part in the tweets by commenting and re-tweeting and also providing their views through a tweet.  As Shetty detailed, the finance minister has been voted to powers so that he can solve such problems and it becomes necessary go show him the hard facts regarding the crypto.

The third step is to participate in the meetups to spread the awareness of banking ban and how it is not justified as the ban was done arbitrarily without any data to back up. The final step is to educate people and spread knowledge of the cause. Shetty believes that the viewpoints of each and every individual reach the government faster making is necessary to educate people.



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