Hitman Website Seizure Faked by Romanian Scammer


Hitman Website Seizure: Along with all the other services that are available all throughout the dark web labelled as illicit, hitman services or the hire services is one of them that are widely used by the users of the dark web. It has created a controversy hitting the headlines frequently. Lately, a scammer from Roman has been creating a series of fake websites on the dark web that is related to the hitman services. All throughout the procedure, the accused has been providing with certain schemes on the dark web where the naive customers are falling prey and losing their money in the form of Cryptocurrency. Some of the Tor-based websites that the scammer has been operating are: Bravta Mafia, Crime Bay, Besa Mafia and the most recent one, Cosa Nostra with one thing is common between them that is the fake seizure by the law enforcement. This provides scope to the scammers to abscond with the user’s Cryptocurrencies.

As per the law enforcement, a report of only one confirmed murder was known by one of the websites created by the Romanian scammer, known as the Besa Mafia. The murder was of Amy Allwine who was shot dead hit in the head with a 9mm pistol. Her death was finalized by her husband, Stephen Allwine who has paid Bitcoins worth $6000 through his Besa Mafia account having username “dogdaygod”.

The same Romanian criminal has created a hitman for hire website lately bearing the name Cosa Nostra with similar intentions as the previous websites. The website contained appealing features to attract the old and as well as the new customers where the customers deposited their currency on the website in a hope of their work being done. Soon enough the website administrator have had enough coins collected, he planned for an exit scam by faking the seizure of the website by the FBI along with IRSCID claiming that 453 homicides have been conducted through the website..


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