Woman Pays $5K Bitcoins For Hitman-for-Hire On The Darknet


A woman from Nevada had tried to opt for hitman-for-hire services on the dark web for killing her ex-husband in Durham. For the murder plot, she had paid off $5,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) but had fallen prey to a scam website, as the federal court document states.

The accused has been identified to be a 36 years old woman named Kristy Lynn Felkins, who was indicted a day before on the federal charges in California. A federal arrest warrant had described the charges as utilizing the interstate commerce in the hitman-for-hire service from the dark web.

Following an affidavit, a Homeland Security Investigation (HSI) agent has said that the accused had used 12 Bitcoin to arrange the murder back in 2016.

The agent has also informed that the accused had sought the hitman-for-hire service via a now-defunct darknet market on the dark web, which probably was an extensive criminal marketplace. It sold illegal goods and services online and that all the trading is carried on with great anonymity.

It was last year that the dark web website came into light via the conviction of a confidential informant under an unrelated overseas child pornography case.

When the hitman from the now-defunct marketplace offering dark web hitman service could not follow the instructions placed by Felkins to shoot her ex-husband on a trip to California, she had sought a refund, as the court documents revealed. She had suggested the hitman make the murder seem like a mugging.

Gabriel Scott of Durham has confirmed that he is the ex-husband of the accused Felkins and that he was completely unaware of his murder plot until recently.

“I’m still kind of adjusting to the reality of the situation,” he said in a phone interview with The News & Observer on Friday. “Heck, there was no indication that any part of this was going on.”

In his affidavit to the Homeland Security (HSI) agent, he had said that the couple was married in California back in 2004 and was officially divorced soon before the online conversations began in 2016. They had two children together, but another kid was from another relationship.

In the accused’s divorce and the dark web discussions, the accused had said that she had been an abuse victim while Scott later called this allegation to be a “trash”.

Back in 2019, the federal agents have come to know that someone had been using the pseudonym “KBGMKN” and tried to arrange for her ex-husband’s murder via a darknet hitman-for-hire website that had offered kidnapping, assault and killing services.

Image: ABC12 Houston

The agent mentioned that the initial conversation included how to buy Bitcoin that the accused had managed through a Finnish website that permits the users to arrange for sales with cash, either in escrow accounts or online.

“How do I know you are not FBI?” KGBMKN wrote, federal documents say. “They do have the capability to infect one’s device and trace them back to their real IP. Just being cautious.”

An administrator at the site wrote back. Federal records say: “If you don’t like doing it online, you can always go in the gangs on your streets and hire a hitmen [sic] there. We don’t force anyone using our services, we could not, and we do not want to. You can even buy some cheap laptop just for this job, or declare that your laptop has been stolen, paste some duct tape on your laptop camera if you are afraid.”

At a certain point, the court document has revealed that KGBMKN had given the administrator her ex-husband’s residential address in Durham and asked if the hitman-for-hire murder could resemble a mugging.

The administrator of the now-defunct website had stated that would cost her another $4,000 and later recommended a sniper that would cost her another $4,000 extra. 

The court records had stated that the accused via her pseudonym said: “Shoot him in his car”.

The agent’s account describes multiple attempts to settle on a time and place for the shooting on a trip to California, including, “I will still pay the extra 4000 if it is done tomorrow …. which puts us in the make it look like an accident bracket, I don’t care if it looks like an accident (though that would be great) I just need this done.”

When the administrator wrote back that the hitman could not find her ex-husband, KGBMKN wrote, “If you guys can’t do as promised then it’s time for me to stop wasting my time [sic] get a refund and figure out another solution,” records say.

The Finnish account of the accused of getting Bitcoin (BTC) included the letters “k” and “l” along with her birth year, as stated by the federal court. The username of the account was Kristy L. Felkins and contained her Yahoo email address. The agent furthermore wrote that the date and year it was set up in 2016 had corresponded with the dark website conversations.

A source has revealed that the accused had been arrested in Nevada and released by a federal magistrate judge in Reno.

Source: The News & Observer

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