Hansa Market Resumes Accepting New Registrants Following an Interval of a Week


The Hansa market had closed the registrations for the brand new members for a week where they termed their move a temporary measure taken to deal with the increasing number of the AlphaBay refugees after the renowned darknet marketplace was seized by the law enforcement. But the announcement on the official subreddit of Hansa market, it was made clear that the action has been taken to deal with the technical issues that has hit the  market caused by the influx of the new AlphaBay customers who had moved their activities to the Hansa market and the other various popular darknet marketplaces. But later on, the Hansa market has reopened the registration portal to welcome the previous AlphaBay users to their website.

In the early July of the year 2017, one of the most popular darknet marketplaces, AlphaBay mysteriously went offline and for a few weeks it remained closed without a valid explanation as to what have happened to the darknet marketplace. There occurred a huge supply gap for the customers who used to very frequently use the darknet marketplace. Therefore the users diverted to some of the most popular darknet marketplaces like the Hansa market.

After the raid of three countries by the law enforcement, the AlphaBay’s website was seized. Few days later it was known that the owner of the AlphaBay has been arrested and later died by committing suicide in the jail cell. After the fall of the AlphaBay darknet market, people were seeking for the alternatives to survive in the long run. At the same time, the market and the Dream market was providing refuge to the stranded customers. This has resulted in the massive number of the new registrants to these alternative darknet marketplaces that further created chaos in the Hansa market. This gives its customer base a sign of relief.


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