Dark Web: Hacked Clinton Email Server Is Leaking Information


A newly released document from the FBI has lately revealed that the information of Hillary Clinton’s private email server has been leaked and sold on the dark web. There has been certain buzz where it was suspected that the Clinton’s server that is located in her home in Chappaqua of the New York might have been hacked by the hackers but earlier it was never confirmed publicly.

Independent review notes has been obtained by the FBI and have been released from “The Vault” off late that determined that the Romanian hacker named Guccifer has breached a server for Clinton ally Sydney Blumenthal who was conveying the information about Libya to the secretary of the state while the server of Clinton was indirectly hacked similar to the result to the breach of the Blumenthal’s server. It was found out that this hacked information was transferred to a computer or the network located to the South of Bucharest of Romania.

The study has also revealed that Guccifer has used an anonymous server in Russia in order to carry out the penetration and certainly, there was a high possibility that the Russian services has monitored these servers and have stored the information as a copy. One of the files that has been taken from Clinton’s server that was not seen on the Blumenthal’s server was spotted on the dark web and deep web which is a hidden layer not indexed by the search engines.

It has been described as the Excel spreadsheet named as ‘targeting data’ that would receive classification of highest level. The notes also said that if the file is determined by the FBI that it is overtly classifies, then it will serve as a potential ‘smoking gun document’.

The accused was also found to have penetrated a number of targets and 37,000 files were found on a computer that has been traced to an IP address he obtained. The real name hiding behind Guccifer was Marcel Lazar who has been serving the prison since 2014.

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