Global Dark Web Drug Ring: Los Angeles Inhabitant Charged


Three residents of Los Angeles has been indicted by a federal grand jury having allegations of running an Global Darknet Drug ring on the dark web that sold methamphetamine and the other illicit narcotics. The charged has been identified as Michael Alan Goldberg, Donnica Mae Rabulan and James Caleb Kuekar and was charged with the conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and substantive drug trafficking offenses. It has been alleged that they have bought the narcotics from the dark web and then shipped them to their foreign buyers in Poland, New Zealand, the Philippines and the other destinations (Global Darknet Drug Ring).

As per the eight count indictment that has been issued by the U.S. Attorney’s office of the Central District in California, Michael Alan Goldberg was alleged to be the leader of the drug ring. The authorities said that he ran the operation even after he was taken into the federal custody in June 2018. The lead accused was apprehended and sentenced to 42 months in federal prison on a fraud case that was not related to this conspiracy. Goldberg’s wife named Rabulan also faces the charges against the conspiracy as well as four counts of distributing methamphetamine as an accomplice to the operation. Earlier this month, she was arraigned in the court on the same charge where she was found out to be not pleading guilty. On 4th of June, her case is expected to go on a trial.

Kuekar on the other hand is charged with possessing a firearm in facilitating a drug trafficking crime and as well as possessing ketamine with an intent to distribute it. Kuekar was also not found guilty of the charges after being arraigned in the court. The activities of the trio came to notice in May 2018 when a security manager of the shipping company in the Van Nuys came across the suspicious parcels that has been destined for the Philippines.


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