Germany Possesses Nearly 600 Darknet Related Investigations Since 2015


Germany has experienced on the firsthand basis the repercussions of having an uncensored weapon market and now the police are observant in the fight against the criminals from the various darknet markets. The Munich killing spree that has occurred on 22nd of July 2017 has seen the life loss of nine people and was a wakeup call for most of the people as the nation saw that the 18 year old German gunman had acquired the murder weapon which is a Glock 17 from one of the darknet markets. The country has conducted 600 cases of darknet related investigations since 2015.

The fight against the cybercrimes by the Germany has been of considerable proportions due to the involvement of BKA or the Bundeskriminalamt with nearly 600 investigations that were related to the online trading of drugs on the darknet markets (darknet related investigations). The source unearthed that all of the investigations were somehow related to the drugs and revolved around suspect from the Germany and also outside the country as well. Soon after the Munich incident, the number of the weapon-related arrests has increased consequently in Germany as the vigilance of BKA is taking down the darknet markets gather momentum.

As per the source, Germany could not put up with the crime of the dark web which is the reason Germany has sought to join hands with the EU in 2015 for accessing Europol’s crime-fighting resources. Inspite of the operations, the darknet markets seem relatively not undergoing any damage and the illegal drugs and weapons trade are quite healthier than ever. The German law enforcement agencies have also noted that there is a significant increase in the terrorist presence on the darknet. A number of different tools and techniques are aiding the criminals to take pride in their work despite of the increased observations of the BKA.


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