Drug Trafficking Ring: German-Dutch Joint Task Force Arrests Nine

Police patrol before an opening service of the German protestant church congress Kirchentag in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, May 24, 2017. REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer

Nine member of the drug trafficking operation has been sentenced to imprisonment for alleged role in distribution and peddling of drugs. The drug trafficking group sold a variety of drugs through the Darkweb where they accepted orders and received the proceeds in the form of Cryptocurrency. The group used the German postal offices located in the German Dutch border region to deliver the package to their customers worldwide. The member of the group used two apartments which were located in Germany and Netherlands. The secret location in the Netherlands was used for packaging and distribution of these banned substances while the other member in the groups moved the stuff around across Germany through the borders which are mostly porous.

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The ring members in Germany would then mail the drug packages through German post offices and mailboxes near the Dutch border. Last year the public prosecutor in Munster started the investigation on the activities and operation on the ring. The nature of the ring’s operation and the interest in the Dutch authorities led to a committee formation which started in November of 2018. The joint investigation team comprised of agents of Dutch Specialized Prosecution Office for Fraud and Environmental Crime, the Dutch Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service(FIOD), the German Public Prosecutor’s Office, Munster, and the German Customs Office. The team also had back up support from the Europol and Eurojust.

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During the course of investigation the law enforcement officials seized banned substances and drugs worth over 400, 000 Euros. The seizure also had 25 kilogram of amphetamine, 145 grams of Heroin, 170 grams of cocaine, 1.6 grams of MDMA and 1.1 kilograms of ecstacy pills. On Feb 1, 2019 arrested the ring members and the leaders bringing the operation to the halt. The law enforcement agency raided 10 properties on the German Dutch border region and two in Germany and eight in the Netherlands.

Source: Darknet Live

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