Arrest Conducted After Georgia Drug Operation Expansion to North Carolina


Recently, a Georgia couple was arrested on the account of manufacturing and selling of fentanyl on the dark web. Georgia Drug Operation has led to a couple arrest pleaded guilty for making and selling fentanyl on dark web. After the arrest the investigation was further expanded to North Carolina. This incident has led to the seizure of another suspect from North Carolina named Donna Brown who is believed to be a relative of the couple. To be specific, Donna Brown was the mother of the man who was accused of trading fentanyl on the dark web.

The investigators searched the North Carolina Home and the Storage unit of the accused Fredrick Michelsen (35 years) and his wife Elizabeth Michelsen (28 years). This has given them opportunity to search the residence of Fredrick Michelsen’s mother who stayed in North Carolina. The investigation (Georgia Drug Operation) was done by Cherokee Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad. The agents of CMANS found out a significant volume of fentanyl and other drugs in the home of the accused’s mother, Donna Brown who is a 52 year old woman.

Donna was charged with a lot of drug related crimes such as trafficking of fentanyl and heroin, possession of Xanax, THC, marijuana, cocaine, LSD, Dronabinol Liquid with the intent to distribute. She was charged on two counts for the Dronabinol liquid. On Friday of last week, the law enforcement conducted another search in the rented storage unit of Donna located in the Paulding County of Georgia. The search resulted in seizure of a stockpile that consisted of over 20 weapons including pistols, rifles and two bump stocks. The CMANS agents though believe that the weapons belonged to Donna’s Son, Fredrick Michelsen. Currently, Donna Brown is detained in the Cherokee County Jail without a bond. This is  yet another example where the drug operation is expanding from one state to the other.


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