Enforcement Officials Took Over Gemstoned’s Domain Name


The Federal US authorities (NCIDE) have recently conveyed the necessary investigations and reporting that have been done. They have raided a California vaping business, seizing its domain name Gemstoned.net in the process of law enforcement official investigations. The 2017 registration now shows the message: This website has been seized since March 3, 2020, as part of a law enforcement operation by the Sacramento, California-based Northern California Illicit Digital Economy (NCIDE) Task Force and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of California, in accordance with a seizure warrant issued pursuant to 18 USC sections 981, 982, for violations of 21 USC section 841(a)(1), and 21 USC section 846 issued by the United States Court for the Eastern District of California.

This ended up as bad news for a lot of people as they had operations stretched far and wide crossing the boundaries of the United States. Gemstoned.com is owned by GoDaddy’s NameFind division, managers of about 1,000,000 Godaddy-owned domains. It’s almost most expected to understand that sooner or later, that the company will be taken over the federal authorities of the US.  The dates are 1157 days old. The website was created in 6.2.2017. The website expires on 6.2. 2021. The last update on this illegal doping website was on 23.1.2020. 

Gemstoned was first recorded by their domain admin. The registrant organization was Privacy Protect LLC, (PrivacyProtect.org). The company was originated in the United States of America. The registrar was Launchpad Inc. ( HostGator), IANA id: 955, having the URL: launchpad.com, https://www.launchpad.com. Their Whois server was: whois.Launchpad.com. The last reported registrar status of this illegal doping website was: client transfer prohibited, server delete prohibited, server transfer prohibited, server update prohibited. Clearly this company has started to create massacres in millions of young lives and with their lucrative deals, they had attracted a large band of customers which was only increasing with time. With time, the police officers along with other law enforcement agencies have taken immense efforts to make sure that these criminals and doppelgangers have been caught in the hands of law enforcement. 

The address that has been registered in this illegal doping website was: Domain Protect, Privacy Protect, LLC (PrivacyProtect.org) 10 Corporate Drive, Burlington, MA. Activities of this illegal doping website called the Gemstoned have been traced from Texas as well. The enforcement officials have been dedicated themselves to the investigating of this website and owner for a long time. They have affected a lot of people and dragged them into the dangerous addictions of life. Not much information had been extracted from the owner and their companions. The illegal companies that operate on the dark weblink need to be taken down as soon as possible as it raises a  great question in the future of mankind and also creates a misconception in the minds of the general public about the dark web.

Source: Domaingang

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