The Evolution of the Dark web and Most Expected Drama to Watch for in 2020


Looking at the evolution of the dark web in the last decade, there have been many recorded cases comprising of the positive and the negative in one package. The anonymous part of the internet has come a long way, and 2020 would be a year full of many dramas.

Since the dark web was brought into existence by the US military to enable an anonymous exchange of messages, the dark web has seen a growing number of users year after year with most of them finding a hiding place to trade illicit stuffs whiles others take advantage of the platform to engage in genuine businesses, and offer trade and news to people living in places where they have been prohibited.

In a recent publication, the BBC news have gone live on the dark web to offer their services to a wider audience with many other companies patronizing the dark web for genuine stuff. The evolution of the dark web has been quite interesting. The last decade has seen FBI shutting down popular dark web markets, and arresting perpetrators.

The last decade has witnessed the evolution of the dark web adding more users despite the many crackdowns, and many others offering technical services to counter the threat of hackers who take advantage of the dark web to steal and sell personally identifiable information.

In this new year, many dramas will unfold and most of what happened last year will repeat, and this article will seek to highlight some of the expected drama.

Dark web Related Hacking Incidents will rise

The evolution of the dark web

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The recorded dark web-related cybercrime cases rise year after year with 2020 expected to be worse than last year. According to the 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report, cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion by 2021 from $3 trillion in 2015.

In one of our publications, we reported that prices of cybercrime tools have increased considerably In the last few fears signifying a market boom caused by an increased in demand. In most cases, cybercrime is said to correlate with the increase in the Bitcoin price.

In 2020, the Bitcoin price is expected to record a significant increase and spread to 2021 due to the halving event. The demand to possess a fraction of many of this digital asset will cause hackers to attack and demand ransom in this valuable asset.
A number of cybersecurity experts including Matt Kunkel, the CEO of LogicGate, have predicted that cybercrime will not be less problematic in 2020.

The recent rise of data breach incidents and hackers joining forums on the dark web is a strong wake-up call for companies that deal with customers’ personal information to be very cautious and alert to stand against any attack by threat actors. It is worth noting that the cost incurred after a company is hit by cybercrime is more than the cost incurred in acquiring cybersecurity tools as a proactive measure.

Couple of Dark web Markets to Go Down

The evolution of the dark web

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The evolution of the dark web over the past few years has seen drugs moving from the street corners to the online underground markets. After the shut down of the infamous Silk Road market in 2013, the authorities stated that the shutdown of the market would serve as a model for future operations.

Many other markets were shut down following that operation including Hansa market, Alphabay market and Wall Street market. It is obvious that law enforcement has planted undercover agents on most of the popular active markets to lure criminals out and find enough evidence to shut them down.

The evolution of the dark web has been massive, and the impact has created the perception that the dark web is the major reason for the many recorded drug overdose deaths globally. 2020 will see a couple of dark web markets being shut down by authorities whiles some also pull an exit scam.

Companies will Extend their Services to the Dark web Audience

One major evolution of the dark web is the positive view from which some companies see the part of the internet. The years of illegalities linked to the dark web is finally getting over as some companies see the dark web as an opportunity to extend their products and services to an audience that cannot access them in their country for whatever reason.

BBC is one of the few companies that took advantage of the dark web in 2019, and it is expected that a number of media houses and other organizations will join them in 2020.


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