Mid-Sized and Large Organizations to Receive Free Threat Assessment by Cynet


The standard process of the 3rd party threat assessment as practiced today is both expensive and consuming. Cynet has altered the rules of the game with a free threat assessment based on over 72 hours of data collection and enabling organizations to benchmark their security posture against their industry vertical peers and take the actions accordingly. The free threat assessment which is available for the organizations with 300 endpoints and above provides clearance to the critical and exposed attack surfaces and provides actionable knowledge of the attacks that are currently alive and active in the environment.

  • Indication of the live attacks
  • Host and app attack surfaces
  • Benchmark comparing the organization’s security posture to the average of the industry
  • Weighted risk score built from all the findings and activity
  • User identity attack surface

The objective of the security assessment is to enable security decision makers to get clear visibility into their actual security needs so that they are able to make an informed decision on how to address them amongst their available resources. The price of the threat assessment for the midsized enterprise starts from approximately $25K but despite that the organizations must seriously consider adopting it. In course of the last couple of years, Cynet has been performing so well in keeping the organizations way out from the breaches. The company closely monitors the threat landscape that is reflected in its install base and identifies a prominent increase in the volume of the live attacks that it employs in the latest deployments.

Usually, the organizations are unaware of the existence of the malicious activities and the intensities. Many a times they underestimate the ability of the hacker to operate under the radar secretly. This nick between the actual threat reality and the false sense of the security drive Cynet, take a proactive approach.


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