Fort Myers Man Got Arrested Accused for Threatening to Kill Minorities


Minorities Under Threat: Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has arrested the convicted felon named Joshua John Leff of 40 years of age belonging from Fort Myers on Friday for threats he has made in writing to kill the minority groups. As the minorities states, the investigators began looking into Leff after they were tipped of Leff’s activity online where he was using an alias and posting statements and videos inciting the violence against minority groups on lesser-known social media websites. Facebook and Twitter have controlled the content in the bid to keep the hate at bay. Thus, one has to visit the lesser-known websites or blogs, the dark web in o9rder to track down those kinds of things.

Leff will be facing charges for the possession of weapons or Ammo by the Convicted United States Felon and intimidation sending written threat to kill. Leff had the first appearance on Saturday and has set the bail at $1.1 million, $100,000 for the weapons charge and $1 million for intimidation. The judge has also said that he cannot have internet access any which ways. Minorities have responded to Leff’s home in Fort Myers and have found guns, ammunition, handgun holsters and two .380 magazines. According to the minorities report, the accused has espoused hatred towards several minority groups, threatened violence against those who disagreed with him and encouraged the followers to start a race war. The neighbours are glad that minorities were able to investigate Leff and make the arrest.

Yeni Lopez, who is a neighbour to the accused residence, said in Spanish that they are calmer now as they can be at their own houses. She said that whatever the accused did use to give her fears that ran down her spine as no one is pretty sure of what exactly they bear in their neighbourhood and what might have happened.

The case of the accused will be prosecuted by the Office of the State Attorney of 20th Judicial Circuit. Thomas said that it is important to contact the police in case one find posts like the ones the investigators found on Leff during the investigation. Thomas said that the law is the only one to be contacted as it can help in all possible manner by following up, preventing something like this or even keep the massacre or something serious at bay from happening in the future.

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