Former Silk Road Agent Filed under New Charges


Shaun Bridges (Silk Road Agent), the former Secret Service Agent has been pleaded guilty to absolutely new charges that are related to a Bitcoin burglary that amounted to 1606 BTC which accounts to roughly $6.5 million USD. Last time in late 2015, Shaun had been sentenced to nearly 6 years of imprisonment for the illegal activities he committed that were unearthed during the FBI investigations that lead to the closure of the Silk Road whiles the founder of the Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht received life imprisonment.

The accused, Shaun Bridges is a 35 year old former Secret Service Agent who went reprobate in 2013 along with the former DEA agent named Carl Mark Force IV who was also arrested and accused on the charges related to the Bitcoin burglary. Carl was sentenced to 6 and half years of federal imprisonment in spite of the later pleas he made to shorten the sentence from 6 and half years to four years. Along with this, the court had ordered him to pay restitution fees amounting to $3000 to one of the former Silk Road employee named Curtis Green and additionally $ 337,000 to a party as RP.

As per the new filings of the court, Shaun ( Silk Road Agent) transferred funds from the BTC e-account to several online Bitcoin wallets in order to cover his tracks. The coincidence is that during that time, the Bitcoin exchange was under the investigation for its unethical business model that allowed the cybercriminals and the ransomware artists to exchange their individual loots on the platform. It is believed that being an agent in the Secret Service and knowing what they are indulging into, they have indulged into such as action. A total of 19 Bitcoin transactions have been reported in the latest court documents one of which documents the deposit of approximately, 605 BTC on Bitfinex in the month of November, 2015. Shaun could get an additional imprisonment of 10 years.


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