The Nations Come Together To Bust Flugsvamp 2.0


Flugsvamp: The largest Swedish drug marketplace called Flugsvamp 2.0, has swept off the customers as they operate with more than 4, 50,000 Cryptocurrency wallet codes, which have been recorded and have been matched and the main convict kept in prison. As the court judgment order is expected to commence by the end of March 2nd in the year 2022 when thousands of Swedish commoners have met the sellers. These people are waiting for the enquiries and prosecution which is to be followed. The concealed portion of the web is very commonly known or referred to as the darknet. It has long been the haven to independent websites who organize illicit content and markets offering illegal goods for sale.  The Swedish Narcotics Platforms ‘Flugsvamp 2.0’ has always led the national online narcotics marketplace. To stop down the Swedish Police force had to seek for the support from more than 79 locations around the globe, 25 nations and at least 14 different network servers providers to bust this notorious drug peddler group Flugsvamp.

This help included detailed financial backing from both country based as well global Law Enforcement Agencies, Fintechs, start ups and tech company partners who had brought the needed data to go forward with the law enforcement inquiries. The governing body has received all the support from Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms, Blockchain system Tools and techniques brandings as well as other key players in the field, with both national and global that we have expected for during this complex and difficult situation.

Tove Kullberg is the legal of National Unit against Organized Crime and a partner of Swedish Prosecution Authority. With almost 50,000 Bitcoins sold via the stage who is 27 years old person as he had been arrested and is a Swedish Tax Resident is felt to be pulling the strings and taking control of the platform. He took a commission of three percent from each narcotics deal that ever came in results in earning nearly 1814 BTC (ca 17M Euro). Although he is denying charges, he has already been behind the bars and four linked personnel have been already facing a drug charge. Other than being charged with digital platforms, that tagged themselves as Swedish-EBay-For-Drugs, the doubt has come up with charges with gathering and shifting nearly six kilograms of cannabis on at least 915 different occurrences.


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Over and above that, besides the criminal indictment the convicted is wished to return 1814 Bitcoins to the Swedish state towns of which a meager part of assets has already been seized. Putting in with the manager is just the offset of the inquiring officers, which involves more than 600 vendors who have dispersed at least 3, 25,000 narcotic products. As the police view the press conference reports as a beginning part of a large enquiry board which is yet to come across to the nations like Sweden. Releasing more than 4, 50,000 connected Cryptocurrency wallet addresses that will generally immerse in a largely functional effort as we keep in mind that Sweden has as little as 10 million residents.

It must be said that they even have been amazed about the amount of backing that they have got a lot of information from different regions of the area, as nobody in those 79 locations and 25 nations has refused to bring out the information. With the backing and the tech factor that the nations has, as of today the darknet paused to be a under-controlled place and the nation is definitely ready to take on things to take to dark web  that will follow Flugsvamp 2.0’ As most of the servers supporting the platform have been aligned and assigned with Germany.

The velocity of the inquiry has increased after looking for an illicit network hall in a former underground together with the German Police force as of the month of September in the year 2019. As the proof has been nearly a pure online presence the law police had to step up the play and alter the way we have been reporting drug-related crime report to a wholly new form of different techniques. With the guide of technological and digital tools solutions that they have been capable to a cluster of transactions and match with different encrypted Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin wallets to particular people.


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Neither the senators nor the police forces only, as it is desired to comment on ongoing reports that have been linked with so called ‘Flugsvamp 3.0’ looks after itself as a success profile. While this new stage will gain the focus, so will theween Law Enforcement and Dark Web stages can be restarted again. The European police agency along with the agencies of Europol, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security announced that the operation has now arrested 17 people in many countries. They have seized hundreds of Dark Web domains connected with well over a bunch of black market websites.

Other police forces have taken down the targets have involved money laundering sites like Cash Machine, Cash Flow, Golden Nugget and Fast Cash. And agents of these markets also known as escrow middlemen have taken from criminal suspects more than $1 million in Bitcoin, $250,000 in cash, as well as a mixture of computer systems, drugs, gold, silver and weapons that they had yet to fully catalogue along with the drugs.

When the news reports have spoken to Thursday night with Troels Oerting who is the head of the European Cybercrime Center, he said his employees hadn’t even had time to collect the full list of sites it pulled down in the booming operation. Europol didn’t immediately share case studies of the 17 convictions as they were related to the enquiry.

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