Six Millionaire Hackers Who Made it Clean Through Bug Finding on HackerOne


Many people associate hacking to unauthorized possession of sensitive data for ransom or for sale. In fact, to reveal that you are a hacker means people will begin to see you as a technically savvy person who unleashes your skills to hurt vulnerable individuals and companies rather than making a living from the finding of bugs.

Many hackers are also unaware that their skills can earn them a lot of cash if they go the right way. Thanks to HackerOne, a platform that connects businesses to penetration testers and cybersecurity researchers, hackers can now make thousands and millions of dollars from protecting businesses through the finding of bugs.

A hacker who breaks into things illegally is a criminal and a threat actor. The truth is that many companies are out there offering bug bounty to hackers who find vulnerabilities in their products. During the course of the year, Zerodium, an exploit acquisition company offered a whooping sum of $2 million as a reward for anyone who comes out with zero-click remote jailbreak of an iPhone.

A lot of hackers have taken advantage of the finding of bugs program to amass wealth whiles they practice their hacking skills within the framework of the law. This article will introduce you to six hackers who made millions from the finding of bugs program.

Mark Litchfield (Finding of Bugs)

Mark Litchfield’s career in the finding of bugs was influenced by his brother David, who was already in the security industry. David advised Mark to complete a course in Windows Server NT4, and after doing exactly that, he found himself in the security field. Before then in 1999, Mark was selling computers from his small shop which was earning him little. He and his brother started an information security company with much focus on finding vulnerabilities.

The company was acquired, and after a year, they started another, which was also acquired after eight years. Mark decided to join the big bounty program in 2013. Today, he is one of the most successful hackers in the finding of bugs program on HackerOne.

Santiago Lopez

Finding of Bugs

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Santiago Lopez 19, is from Argentina and was one of the few hackers who broke the million-dollar bounty record. According to a report, he had no idea of the amount he could make when he first joined the program. His hacking journey began when he watched the movie “Hackers” as a kid.

He then resorted to the internet, reading books and online tutorials. Interestingly, his first bounty was just $50, and according to him, it took him long to find his first vulnerability. Today, his effort has paid off as he is making it big in the finding of bugs program. 

Tommy DeVoss (Finding of Bugs)

Unlike the above-listed hackers, DeVoss sought to use his hacking skills for the wrong things as he was convicted for stealing AOL accounts to break into military computers in 2000. After his second prison term, he decided to live a good life by working in an IT company before coming across HackerOne.

After signing up, he realized he could make a lot of money while finding vulnerabilities. He earned about $130,000 in bounties during the H1-702 event alone.

Frans Rosen

Rosen has over the years discovered bugs in products, and known as one of the millionaire hackers. The Swedish runs a cybersecurity firm in addition to his involvement in the finding of bugs program. Rosen has a strong belief in giving back to the community, and most of his bounties have gone into his charity works.

Nathaniel Wakelam

Nathaniel Wakelam 24, is one of the top three hackers on the HackerOne platform. According to information, he has found over 700 vulnerabilities after finding his first bug when he was in elementary school. He is an active contributor to the “hackers helping hackers” charity program aimed to mentor technically savvy kids for a career in bug bounty.

Finding of bugs

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According to the report, Wakelam does not stay in a place for 30 days, as he enjoys traveling around the world and partying. The finding of bugs program has given enough opportunity for hackers to earn money legally instead of hiding in the dark to violate the law.

Ron Chan

Ron Chan, 28 from Hong Kong is very successful in the hacking industry and has spent much of his time hacking PayPal, Gitlab, Uber, and Airbnb. According to him, the finding of bugs program is available to anyone with a laptop and curious about how to break things.

Chan at a point earned $75,000 in a single month, and he hopes their achievement in the industry will go a long way to influence other hackers to channel their effort into helping companies find vulnerabilities, and to make the internet a better place.

Source: Forbes

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