Find out the answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions on Dark Web


There are so many questions asked on dark web while some remained unanswered others might not be the complete answer. Dark web is that part of the internet, of course as the name suggests, where all sorts of illegal activities flourish and all the law enforcement is up to chasing the dark web criminals.

Amongst all, the first and the foremost question asked is “Should I Visit the Dark Web?” – Simply the answer is yes you can. There is nothing wrong in visiting the dark web unless you are actually paranoid about the fact that you are going to enter the so called “almost forbidden” or “enter with security risks” zone. But what is more important is that you should take precautions and not compromise with your security on the dark web before entering there.

The second most important question asked is “How Can I Protect My Privacy?” – You already know for the fact that you can actually protect your privacy on darkweb sites. Make sure you have an active VPN and it is turned on. Use the Tor browser software disabling the JavaScript for all the surfing. All the external devices must be disconnected and other software and applications are closed. For extra security, turn off your audio and video systems, webcams. Other browsers like Ice Dragon and Epic can be used. Also, encrypting files and all other important thing with an open source encryption methods could also prove beneficial.

Third and the most powerful question about the dark web is “How Does Anybody Find anything if  Dark Web is so Secret?” – Well, how do you search for any piece of information on Internet? Google! Similarly, Reddit serves as the powerful area where all the newcomers in the field of dark web gather to share their experiences, good or bad. The website links that ends with an .onion extension needs to be opened in Tor browser.

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