“DaddyGreenJeans”: Dark Web Fentanyl Drug Vendor Sentenced Prison


One of the Dark Web Fentanyl drug vendors has been sentenced to over seven years in the prison having one count of selling a controlled substance, Fentanyl that has resulted in the death of one of his customers. The accused has been identified as Joseph Richard Caruso who is a 34-year-old man belonging from Lake Oswego or Oregon. The court document has revealed that Caruso had sold Fentanyl through the Dark Web marketplaces and that at a minimum, one of his customers have fatally overdosed.

Caruso Dream Market Profile_fentanyl case

On 19th of November, 2017, one of the United States Postal Inspection service inspectors has discovered a suspicious package that might belong to the accused as the package had been addressed to Caruso at his apartment. A Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agent who has been working with the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Interdiction Taskforce had opened the package uncovering a bag that contained a white powder. A test was conducted on the white substance at the Oregon State Police Laboratory, where the substance has been identified as cyclopropyl Fentanyl.

Two days after the investigation conducted by the investigators, the investigators again conducted a controlled delivery at Caruso’s residence and have arrested him soon after he has opened his mailbox. It was also found out that the Dream Market account of the accused under the pseudonym “Daddygreenjeans” was last accessed the same day.

The victim has been identified as Brady Straub, a 22-year-old from Wisconsin, had fatally overdosed on a powerful opioid in October 2017 (probably Fentanyl) and has been confirmed when the law enforcement searched the source and found evidence later that has been used in the case against Caruso. Law enforcement officers also found packaging at Straub’s house that was a lot more unique and was described as a bag containing a caption – “cartoon-like blue stick figure waving its arms with a clock in the belly.” The victim has also searched the internet for information on the pseudonym “Daddygreenjeans” before he had overdosed.

Following the arrest of Caruso by the HSI Special Agents in Oregon, they searched his house and discovered packaging material that matched the material found at the scene of the Straub overdose. They later found out evidence linking Caruso to the vendor accounts on Dream Market, Agora, and Alphabay Market. He had successfully completed more than 800 transactions in total and had earned roughly $764,000 from the sale of Fentanyl and Fentanyl analogues on the Dark Web. He sold using the “daddygreenjeans” alias and the “Mr.Candy” alias on various other Dark Web markets.

Billy J. Williams, U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon_fentanyl case

Brad Bench, Special Agent in Charge of HSI Seattle_fentanyl case

HSI Beijing and the Chinese Ministry Public Security_fentanyl case

court document of fentanyl case

Source: DarknetLive

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