Maryland Man Sentenced Owing To Dark Web Bought Fentanyl Drug Sale


A 25 year old man named Robert Luke Simpson belonging from Gambrills, Maryland was sentenced to 57 months of imprisonment which accounts to 4 years and 9 months following his seizure. The accused was found guilty of selling fentanyl pills that he has purchased from the dark web which was enough to kill 400,000 people. The purchased fentanyl pills were then sold to the customer of the accused in Maryland. As per the prosecutors, he has purchased 10,000 fentanyl pills from the dark web that was priced around Bitcoins worth $10,000. The accused has sold 400 grams of the drugs with a street value of roughly $63,000 which is believed to be enough to kill around 400,000 people. The fentanyl pills were sold to the customers of Simpson residing in Maryland at a luring price of $5 to $10. It is unable to be stated how much exact of the drugs he had traded but potentially he has sold 1.2 kg of fentanyl and has admitted selling of at least 400gm of fentanyl. A news release revealed that for a user only 2mg of fentanyl is lethal.

An investigation was conducted in October 2017. According to the suspect’s plea agreement, the investigators from the Anne Arundel County Heroin Task Force has undergone a search activity where they found 369gms of fentanyl drugs lying on a desk and in a hidden shelf’s compartment that makes just over 6,200 pills. His residence fetched the team with computers, cell phones, Bitcoin mining equipments, iPads and cash. The officers were able to seize his computer and cash worth $8578. Simpson was sentenced to 57 months behind the bars where his conviction included three years in total of supervised release. Dark Web is a place where banned substances are easily available via the Darknet markets but the number of cases have increased in the last couple of years.


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