Dark Web Chinese Fentanyl Import: Delaware County Man Prisoned


Jamil I. Chapman, 28 has been sentenced to 8 to 16 years in a state correctional facilityon multiple drug-related charges. On the account of the document readat the court, Chapman used the dark web market to import a bunch of Fentanyl From China and carfentanil from China to the Montgomery County. The total imported drugs were worth $200,000 according to the court. Chapman became a scapegoat for the rest of the illegal drug importers as authorities believe the said drugs have contributed too many overdose deaths in the country. He was asked if he is aware that the “poison” he sells has contributed too many deaths, and he replied in the affirmative.

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Chapman initially appeared on the radar of the law enforcers when an unknown person called and informed the police of an overdosed resident of the Royal Athena apartment complex. According to the criminal complaint, authorities rushed to the scene and found Jamil Chapman unconscious. After reviving him, they found 20.1 grams of heroin on him. It was reported that Chapman is not a serious drug user; however, he became overdosed while preparing the drugs for sale. A brief investigation revealed that Chapman was into the business of packaging and selling Fentanyl From China and carfentanil in the said residence.

On 12 September 2017, authorities staged a full-scale search in his apartment after securing a search warrant. The search led to the discovery of six MoneyGram money order receipts and Western Union money orders. It was said that Chapman avoided physical payments to prevent being under suspicion. Also, authorities found 75 bags of drugs suspected to be Fentanyl From China and a number of carfentanil. On the bag was a name labeled as “PLUTO”. Authorities made a brief search on a laptop found in his room and saw a chat he had with someone concerning a package he was expecting from China.

Later, it was revealed Chapman had rented another Apartment, Indigo Complex, to receive the expected packages being delivered from China. The Custom and Border Protection officials were alerted, and on 25 October 2017, the package was intercepted at the JFK International Airport. Authorities unpacked the package and found drugs which were tested to be a 99 grams worth of Fentanyl From China. Chapman had imported drugs from China for quite a long time using the dark web, until authorities arrested him. However, how long he has been operating this business is not clear.

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On 14 November 2017, another package meant to be delivered to the Indigo Complex was seized at the JFK International Airport. As claimed by the prosecutor, the package contained 200 grams of Fentanyl From China. These became enough evidence against Chapman at the law court.

Chapman was charged with conspiracy in connection with a case that was reported to have occurred in the Lower and the Upper Merion between June 2017 and February 2018. He was also charged with possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute.

Nasai J. Chapman, 24, Chapman’s niece was also charged for conspiring with his Uncle. However, he was exonerated by Judge Todd D. Eisenberg for lack of evidence.

Assistant District Attorney Samantha Thompson, argued for a lengthy sentence as he found it extremely dangerous for anyone to import such deadly drugs into the county. According to him, Chapman is the source, and even imported them from a different country.

However, the Defense Attorney pleaded with the judge and stated that Chapman is not a hardened drug dealer; neither is he a violent person. He stated that his client is extremely remorseful for his actions.

Samantha Thompson raised another point stating that Chapman attempted to operate his illegal drug business from jail in his previous sentence of an unrelated crime by making reference to the jailhouse phone call records.

Chapman pleaded guilty to his crimes and said he takes full responsibility for his actions.

Thompson commended the effort of the Lower Merion police for conducting a very important and successful operation as part of the bigger goal to eradicate illegal operation of drugs in the township. Thompson found it satisfactory for a case that involved emails, different countries and a bunch of drugs to be solved in such a calm manner.

Fentanyl From China overdose death in the U.S.has doubled in 12-folds according to a recent data published.The figures have been doubling annually since 2013. This explains why authorities treat illegal Fentanyl From China importers with little mercy. Fentanyl From China has been said to be hundred times potent than heroin. It is often mixed with heroin or sold as a substitute to heroin. According to the report, most of the overdose deaths are as a result of users thinking they are consuming heroin when it is actually hundred percent of pure Fentanyl From China.

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