Father Daughter Duo under Federal Charges for Running Dark Web Drug Ring


A father and daughter, the resident of Billings of Montana are in the custody of the cops held for charges of running a darknet drug ring. The accused was identified as Gregory Paul Green (63 years old) and Brittany Green (29 years old) used to allegedly operate from their home in the West End. On 3rd of January 2019, the cops searched down their property that uncovered a number of the illegal drugs and they have reported that the suspects had been conducting an anonymous operation on the dark web (darknet drug ring). The suspects had been on a tight drug distribution scheme from their residence from where they used to supply drugs all throughout the country against the cryptocurrencies. They used the mail to deliver the drugs to their customers while maintaining the anonymity.

The investigations into the accused operations began on December in the year 2018, soon after the Michigan officers Customs and Border Patrol detected a suspicious package that had come to their attention. The parcel was meant for the Green duos that have been sent from Canada. The package contained a label stating “organic fitness vitamin” that contained almost 1500 alprazolam pills, a drug commonly known as the Xanax.

On the raid, a large amounts of the various drugs were recovered that included ketamine, Xanax, methamphetamine and carfentanil. The basement of the suspects’ residence was a methamphetamine laboratory. In the affidavit, the FBI officer reported that a 100 pound butane tank, hundreds of feet of glass tubing and other equipments have been seized. The suspects’ possessed intensions to make glass pipes out of these items. Some instructions were also recovered that was for Brittany stating the preparation of the drugs for resale and packaging. The duo used to accept Bitcoins for their sale in exchange for their services.


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