Former Victoria Police Officer Imprisoned for Selling Fake Ids on Deep Web


Fake IDs on Dark Web: A Victorian police officer, James Goris, have been imprisoned against charges for forgery, fraud and selling his maritime Ids and police Ids on the deep web marketplaces. While on the initial investigation, the Victorian Police were astonished to find out that one of their ex-colleagues have been operating within and outside the deep web. He was also accused of targeting a 92 year old man owing to defraud him of his share portfolio worth of $3.3 million.

James Goris have always been a popular name to the Victorian police force not due to his past crimes or violations. But the reason was he was within their ranks. James was in the police force and had been serving the country from 2005 up till 2010. While in his service period, James recalled being detracted by his colleagues which according to him was a reason for his open gay identity. He started self medicating using sedatives and cocaine and over years switched jobs on a regular basis.

James Goris chose to operate through one of the most famous deep web marketplace, AlphaBay which is now a defunct deep web marketplace. He used to operate under the username, “Pirate Deadpool” in the deep web marketplace. It was found from his account that he has offered different forms of fake police wallets and Ids which is just the beginning of his forgery. He was also accused of offering maritime and aviation passes and all of his goods were offered in exchange for Bitcoin. As soon as the Victorian police force were aware of his forgery, his house was raided and surprisingly the police force found out that the deep web is not the only place where he was operating his so called business and that there were more to it.


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