Plaintext: Facebook Fallaciously Stored User Passcodes


Facebook has indulged itself again in a new privacy controversy after it revealed on 21st of March, 2019 that its platform has fallaciously kept a copy of the passwords for the hundreds of the millions users in the plaintext. With the latest security incident Facebook users along with the Instagram users have also been affected. In this case, the Facebook and the Instagram passwords of the affected users were readable (Plaintext) to some of the Facebook engineers who have had internal access to the database and server.

The social media company, Facebook did not exactly mention the component or application on its website that bore the programmatic error causing the issue, but it did reveal that the company discovered the security blunder in the month of January 2019 while conducting a routine check. In a blog post, the Vice President of Engineering of Facebook, Pedro Canahuati has stated that in an internal investigation that has been conducted by after the incident did not bear any proof of any Facebook employee abusing those affected passwords. Also the Vice President did not exactly mention the exact number of the affected users in this incident. This is a huge upset for Facebook because it has all the resource to combat such an attack.

Facebook has now fixed the issue and has recommended the users to change their account passwords of both Facebook and Instagram immediately. Along with this, the company recommends the Facebook and the Instagram users to enable the 2 factor authentication, using a secure VPN software, enable login alert feature, password manager and physical security keys to shield their accounts from the different type of sophisticated cyber attacks. This is not the only security incident. On October last year, the Facebook had announced its worst-ever security breach that permitted the hackers to steal the secret access tokens and personal information from 29 million Facebook accounts.


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