Why Did Facebook Purchase Leak Passwords from Dark Web Markets?


No doubts, Facebook is the biggest or the largest social media platform in today’s era that has paved the way for the hackers and the attackers take complete advantage of the social media platform through the darknet markets. All the darknet markets are flooded with the stolen data that are awaiting the criminals to take charge of them. In such conditions, the data breaches like the burglary of the Facebook usernames and leak passwords are the most common event that hits the headlines every other day.

In order to protect the users from such breaches, Facebook employs more techniques along with the secure passwords and the software to keep the criminals at bay who furnishes the darknet markets with the stolen data. Facebook on the other hand purchases the leak passwords from the hackers through the various darknet markets. After the purchase, they cross reference them with the username and the passwords of the existing account under the same username and sends alert to the users asking them to reset their passwords or update it to the strongest form in a bid to ensure that the accounts are safe.

As anticipated, there has been a concern regarding the morality of the whole situation. Many believe that purchasing the stolen passwords from the cybercriminals of the darknet markets could only fuel their activities especially now when they have understood the fact that Facebook will simply pay them in order to return the stolen passwords. Initially Facebook did not have a strong security and that is the reason of the maximum number of breaches. As of now, Facebook has been stronger in its part and has introduced several security measures like the 2 factor authentication and the more recent one is the profile picture guard that even disables the individuals to take screenshot of the profile picture.



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