Executive of 2 Cryptocurrency Exchanges Arrested on Drug Trafficking Charges Leading To Closure of the Exchanges


Australian Federal Police has arrested a Bulleen resident last week, which is a suburb of Melbourne during their second phase of their investigation into a crime syndicate that is well organized. After this incident, the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre suspended the two digital Cryptocurrency exchanges having relation with the arrested suspect. The suspect was arrested on 8th of March came amongst a major investigation that the Australian Federal Police (AFP) has been running since October in the year 2017.

The suspect’s name was not disclosed in the initial investigation. But later, the news outlets revealed that the suspect was a 27 year old man named Sam “Kazz” Karagiozis. The culprit was also the founder of Auscoin, a Cryptocurrency exchange. He was also associated with MK Buy and Sell which has now been taken down by the Australian Law Enforcement together with Auscoin. The suspect is a well known criminal as he is not only a part of the ambiguous operation that involved Cryptocurrency ATMs but he is also known for flashing the MR BTC Bentley he possesses. On arrest by AFP in his home, the AFP seized roughly 30 kilograms of drugs such as methamphetamine, Cocaine, MDMA and Ketamine. Thus, his arrest warrant also contained the charge of importing and drug trafficking. In the joint law enforcement press release, it was reported that the Australian Police will allege the suspect has a key role in the criminal syndicate in the court.

The AFP belives that Kazz directed all the operations within the organization and used Bitcoin accounts, the dark web sites and all the legitimate businesses to do the sourcing. The Country Court of Victoria was given the orders to confine his property worth $2 million. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have done great in bringing down the crime ring that operated for a long time.


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