Ex-Soldier Jailed For Dark Web Drug Dealing


An ex-soldier, who was medically discharged, has been handed a jail sentence for buying drugs off the dark web. According to court documents, Jonathan Gerrard Godfrey, after his discharge, resorted to buying drugs from the dark web and reselling them on the streets of Swansea. Godfrey pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and cannabis with intent to supply. He had one caution for possession of cannabis from 2015 and no previous convictions.

Prosecutor Craig Jones told the Swansea Crown Court that, after Godfrey’s arrest, a search warrant executed on his Catherine Street, Carmarthen property on November 22, 2018, uncovered two large stashed of drugs he had bought on the dark web. The Swansea Crown Court also heard that the ex-soldier had a daily drug problem which soon landed him into a pool of debt.


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During his arrest, the police also found almost £7,000 of high-purity cocaine stashed in a Bisto tin. Jonathan Gerrard Godfrey also reportedly had over £1,000 worth of cannabis and £1,155 in cash when police searched his Carmarthen residence. The cocaine found at Godfrey’s residence was later revealed to be over 62g and 82% pure whiles the cannabis weighed almost 95g.

The police also found mobile phones and plastic grip-seal bags. Investigators later revealed that the mobile phones seized, contained messages about dark web drug dealings, dating as back as July 2018. During interrogation, the ex-soldier told the police that, he only bought the drugs on the dark web to help treat his anxiety problem. He did, however, admit to paying with bitcoin and provided details of his online cryptocurrency wallet.

Ian Ibrahim, Godfrey’s defense attorney told the court that, his client who is originally from Birmingham city joined the Staffordshire Regiment at the age of 19 but was later medically discharged after being diagnosed with anxiety, paranoia, and depression. He added that the ex-soldier didn’t receive enough help for these problems which led him to deal drugs.

Mr. Ibrahim also revealed to the court that, his client also became a drug addict and soon found himself with a half-a-gram a day cocaine habit. He added that, by the summer of 2018, he was in a £2,000 debt and resorted to dealing drugs from the dark web as he needed money. Mr. Ibrahim stated that he knows full well the level of shame and disgrace he has brought upon his family and his young son. The ex-soldier was given a two and a half jail by Judge Paul Thomas QC.

Godfrey’s sentencing follows two U.S Army soldiers who were arrested and charged in December 2019, with distributing dark web drugs to a young woman, causing her death days later. The two soldiers were selling LSD and Molly they bought off the dark web to concert-goers and at several clubs.


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U.S. Army soldiers were arrested and charged with distributing Molly to a young woman who overdosed at a rave and died two days later. After searching the service members’ barracks in New York, law enforcement officials found 55 doses of LSD and several capsules of Molly.

Specialist Lagaria Slaughter and Tanner Howell also sold drugs to some of their fellow soldiers stationed at their Fort Drum barracks. A search at Specialist Slaughters barracks by law enforcement uncovered ten capsules of molly, 55 doses of LSD packaging materials and psilocybin mushrooms. A text message was also uncovered from his phone in which he offered to sell over a hundred capsules of molly to other service members.

Slaughter was charged with one count of conspiring to distribute Molly and LSD, and one count of distributing and possessing with intent to distribute Molly, of which both carried a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. Howell was also charged with one count of distributing and possessing with intent to distribute Molly, which carried a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Source: Wales Online

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