Europol Chases Buyers of the DDoS-for-Hire Services


If you have ever been a happy buyer of any online DDoS-for-Hire service or services, you might just have gotten into trouble!

DDoS-for-Hire services have created an immense nuisance earlier. To curb the toying of the DDoS-for-Hire services with the attacks frequent to the websites and the servers of several government and non government organizations, the world’s biggest DDoS-for-Hire service was taken down and seized last year. Authorities are in search for the operators and other personnel connected to this that has helped the cyber criminals introduce millions of attacks against these government and non-government organizations.

According to Europol’s announcement, the British police are actively working towards tracking down the users of the fable services that got dismantled in April 2018. is a website; a common DDoS-for-Hire service provider that was launched back in the year 2015 and let its customers rent services for about £10 to launch the attacks of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) with little to almost no knowledge in the technical field. These resulted in over four million of the DDoS attacks.

Europol announced that they have gained access to over 151,000 registered accounts the previous year when it got shut. They expressed that they have certain information regarding the users that could help them track down some more of the DDoS-for-Hire service providers and operators. According to their information, over 250 Webstresser users are likely to face seizures due to the immense loss they have caused. Police in all countries and provinces have started their raids. The UK too has gone through this procedure lately. Several other countries are4 still on the list like Belgium, Croatia, Germany, France, Greece, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland and many more. All the users of DDoS-for-Hire services are in high risk of being prosecuted.


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